Personal Loans

Sometimes you run into the unexpected that life doesn’t wait for. This can mean that your personal finance gets left behind. Mortgage Pro can help! If you have credit card debt, personal loans, peer to peer loans, tax arrears, or all of the above we can help you find the best solution. 

Personal loans can also be used for purchases such as vehicles, boats, holidays, and much more. Mortgage Pro works with you to find a financial solution that suits your lifestyle.

Business & Commercial Loans

People with mortgages sometimes own businesses, and people with businesses often own commercial property.  We are so much more than mortgages, we can help out with both business and commercial needs.

We handle everything from small business loans to large and complex capital financing. Mortgage Pro has many industry leading partners and connections to ensure you get the right lending advice.

When you deal with Mortgage Pro you not only get a Registered Mortgage Adviser with over 15 years financial services experience, you also get a Chartered Accountant. 


Insurance is more than a monthly premium, it’s securing your lifestyle.  Insuring your property, income, health and life will provide you with the freedom to live your lifestyle your way without the worry of “what if?”

Mortgage Pro partners with industry leaders and can assist you with:

  • Home and contents insurance
  • Car and boat insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Mortgage protection insurance
  • Landlords insurance
  • ACC & business insurance

Investments & KiwiSaver

Most Kiwis build wealth and save for retirement through salaries, savings and property.  In 2007 that all changed with the introduction of KiwiSaver.  Now it is compulsory for Kiwi employers to invest 3% of your salary into KiwiSaver which means most Kiwis have investments.  Unfortunately most Kiwis find investment decisions complicated so their KiwiSaver ends up in an underperforming “default fund”.

Alternatively, you may be at a stage of life where you would like to diversify your investment portfolio.  Perhaps you have set aside some funds for a rainy day that isn’t earning a return.  Maybe you have had an unexpected windfall like a bonus, inheritance, a business or property sale.  Or maybe you want to start planning for your retirement?  Or perhaps review your retirement planning?

Why not let us help you build your future?  Mortgage Pro partners with specialist investment advisers that listen to you.

Foreign Exchange & UK Pensions

Mortgage Pro works with Kiwi’s, expats, and new immigrants. We provide foreign exchange services, assist with UK pensions and much more – just ask us!


Mortgage Pro has formed close relationships with trusted partners.  Do you need professional advice like a lawyer or an accountant?  How about a tradie like a builder, building inspector, or electrician?  Mortgage Pro can help.